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-About Naturopathic Medicine


We work with people who have existing health concerns, and our aim is to address the health of the whole person, not just treat the disease.  By supporting the health of the whole body, an eventual decrease in symptoms and improvement in overall health can be achieved.  Sometimes, the resolution of symptoms can take longer than conventional methods because the body requires time to truly heal. However, the results are longer lasting and well worth it.  


Whether you've been trying to get pregnant for a long time or just starting to try it can be extremely stressful.  You may be wanting to get healthier since going off birth control pills.  Or if you want help regulating your cycle and balancing out hormones using bio-identical hormones and herbs/supplements I'm here to help.  We can work with you while you're beginning treatment or before you seek further care. 


We recognize the complexities that go into a healthy diet and lifestyle that lead to a healthy weight.  Losing and maintaining weight is about so much more than just “dieting”.  Many factors influence weight gain in the American lifestyle which includes looking at diet, exercise, hormones, stress, and side-effects of medication.  When you work with us here we guide you towards a healthier lifestyle using methods such as food sensitivity testing, diet planning and tracking, and weight loss protocols such as a guided Vegetarian Diet, Paleo/Keto-Diet or HCG Diet.  Click here for more info on weight loss programs offered here.


Prolotherapy is a highly effective nutritive injection technique used to address joint pain and injuries. Prolotherapy treatment induces growth hormone factors to the area of injury. PRP is another form of prolothearpy injection called (Platelet Rick Plasma) created by harvesting your blood which is drawn in office and then spun down to concentrate as platelets.  These growth hormone factors stimulate the body’s natural healing process to repair and heal ligaments and tendons, thus reducing pain, inflammation, and stabilizing weak and unstable joints. Click here for further information.

Trigger point injections are a relatively non-invasive, painless, and safe superficial injection technique for medical and cosmetic concerns.  Natural substances like lidocaine, dextrose, and PRP are injected into the mesoderm (only 3-6 mm under the skin) for the treatment of medical conditions such as chronic and acute pain, tendonitis, and arthritis.  Click here to read more about Traumeel Injections.


Dr Herscher is currently accepting new patients for primary care.  This can include annual physical and pap exams, drug management, lab and imaging orders.  Please see if your insurance covers Naturopathic Medicine! 

For acute care you must call the office to see if there's any acute care appointments available that day. Otherwise Dr Herscher is not available for on call or after hours care and you must go to Urgent Care or the ER.  She also does not offer on-call services for off-hours calls and only returns calls during business hours within 24 hours.  


Many people find themselves with digestion issues such as:

  • Gas and bloating

  • Constipation and/or diarrhea

  • Upset stomach and cramping

  • Food allergies or Intolerances

  • General Fatigue

  • General Inflammation


These are often related to inflammation due to diet, in particular food allergies or sensitivities.  Doing a food elimination diet to reduce inflammation and identify food sensitivities can help with these issues and.  We typically do food sensitivity testing using blood measuring IgG levels.  Click here for more info on the testing used.  


At our office, using minor surgery we are able to remove:


  • skin lumps

  • cysts

  • moles

  • skin tags

  • warts

If you are concerned about any of these, would like a skin check or wish to have a lesion removed then please make an appointment with Dr Herscher.  This may or may not be covered by insurance.


Minor surgery is a relatively painless and fairly quick procedure which generally takes 20 to 30 minutes.  Most procedures are carried out using local anaethestic.  You should not feel any pain during the procedure but may be aware of a sensation of pressure.

Medical Microneedling

Micro-needling is a skin rejuvenation procedure that uses tiny, sharp needles to create small holes, called micro-channels, in your skin. These micro-injuries trigger your skin’s natural healing process, including the production of collagen.

Medical needling uses longer needles (.5 mm and longer) to stimulate the dermis, your skin’s deeper layers. The longer needles (up to 2.5 mm) reach the deep dermis, making it possible to treat acne and other scars by breaking up scar tissue and inducing skin remodeling. Medical needling is overseen by a licensed practitioner and offers minimal risk of infection and scarring when performed properly.  Additionally you can have medical microneedling done with PRP (platelet rich plasma) from your own blood to enhance further collagen production and new skin growth.  


Our doctors are experts in testing and checking for hormone imbalances such as thyroid, adrenals, and sex hormones.  If your hormones are out of balance it can lead to chronic conditions including fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, depression, hot flashes, and headaches.  Testing is done via bloodwork to determine the source of issues and apply therapies that include diet, bio-identical hormone therapy, herbal medicine, and nutritional supplements to help your body maintain health and feel your best. 

Hormone replacement is recommended based on the individual, and therapies used include topicals, oral pills, injections and hormone pellets.  To read more about hormone pellets click here.


At Wenatchee Holistic Medicine we offer limited options for IV (Intravenous) Nutritional Therapy.  First you must be an established patient and may need to undergo laboratory testing to make sure IV therapy is safe for you.  

The IV Kit is ordered individually and you will need to pay 50% down to order your kit and typically takes up to 1 week to get it shipped to the office so acute IVs (other than hydration) aren't available.  

The IV kits start with a basic Myers Cocktail and can be adjusted based on your needs.  This includes but not limited to - Vitamin C, B12, B Complex, Magnesium, Calcium, etc.  Insurance DOES NOT cover IV therapy and all costs are out of pocket and to be paid before infusion.    

Typically IV therapy is recommended for patients with chronic health conditions that lead to nutritional depletion and/or deficiencies.  It's very difficult to test for any nutritional deficiencies so benefits of IV therapy are completely individual.  


Dr Herscher can and may prescribe some medications including but not limited to hormones, birth control pills, and antibiotics.  She can also manage most of your medications as your PCP.

If you need a refill on your prescription please call your pharmacy first. 

Almost all treatments may involve standard of care with pharmaceutical recommendations.  

We offer high quality 3rd party tested prescription based supplements that is often individually recommended.  

To re-order your supplements online click here.  

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