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Eat More Plants!

You may have noticed I'm promoting eating local, organic and fresh on my Facebook page. Large grocery stores and markets have plenty of fresh vegetables but when you look on the labels you'll notice that they are shipped clear across the country or even internationally. And then our local Wenatchee Valley fruit is shipped away across the US and to other countries as well. When we buy Wenatchee fruit from Costco it in fact has been packed up and shipped to a warehouse and then shipped back. If everyone started eating locally we could save so much cost on fuel and transportation costs as well as putting money back towards the farmers and growers.

I've been buying as much produce as possible from a local store in town: Rhubarb Market which is committed to sourcing only local produce. When you start eating locally and in season you will be amazed how much your diet changes year round. Now that it's winter at our house we are eating a lot of root vegetables, squashes and some dark greens.

I'm going to encourage everyone in 2019 to start eating locally, as much fresh produce as possible and as many plants as possible. If we commit to this change we can make a difference in our own lives as well as help support the local economy. Happy New Year and welcome 2019! #eatlocalfresh #plantbaseddiet

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